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Apparel Magazine Subscribers – Business Mailing List and Email List

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Audience: The Apparel Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List is a direct response, BPA audited subscriber list comprising corporate and middle management titles within the retail, apparel manufacturing/contracting, design, marketing and home fashions manufacturing industries.

Publication Scope: Published once a month, Apparel Magazine, for the past 54 years, has been the top voice and authority for leading apparel brand, retail and manufacturing executives because of the unmatched content and ongoing commitment to the highest editorial quality and standards the magazine and its related channels provide its readers. Its robust online channel continues to grow in both volume and engagement levels. Apparel prides itself on working collaboratively with its customers to develop creative, custom plans that allow them to reach, engage and influence decision-makers through the three pillars of effective touch points — online, in print and in person.

About the Publisher:  Established in 1985, EnsembleIQ is a business-to-business media company with market-leading information products that serve the information technology and seasonal merchandising markets. EnsembleIQ’s Technology Group consists of 6 franchises that produce a combined 15 executive conferences, plus web seminars, thought leadership content, whitepapers, e-newsletters, as well as benchmark industry research, custom digital content and custom publishing.

Successful Users: The professionals on the Apparel Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List respond well to offers pertaining to technology and related services, apparel-specific inputs and supplies, seminars, webinars, educational materials, computer hardware/software, financial services, subscriptions, managerial products and all industry related offers.

This direct response list comprises publication subscribers, newsletter subscribers, webinar attendees and trade show attendees.

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