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EnsembleIQ Databases

Corporate Management Database

Send your message directly to top executives in various industries who are seeking products and services to improve their businesses.

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Female Executives Database

Communicate with female corporate executives, middle managers, and other key professionals across all industries. These highly responsive business women make the purchasing decisions at their place of business and within their households.

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Hospitality Professionals Database

Connect with professionals in the hospitality, food services and lodging industries.

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IT/IS Management Database

Reach CIOs, CTOs, IT/IS directors, VPs and managers.

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Retail Professionals Database

Target professionals working in retail businesses such as apparel and accessories, consumer goods, food stores, restaurants, manufacturing, hotels and design.

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Small Business Executives Database

Communicate with executives working in companies of 99 employees or less. In a small business, many of the executives take on many different types of responsibility and influence many of the company’s purchasing decisions.

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